The 9-hole meadow golf course is located in Madona region, Bērzaune parish, surrounded by picturesque, mountainous meadows and green forests "Kalnozoli", which is 26 km from Madona, 148 km from Riga, next to the guest house "Šubrakkrasti".
Golf course area covers approximately 15 hectares large meadow with Vidzeme characteristic terrain. There are both water barriers and sand bunkers on the course, which makes the game of golf much more exciting and interesting.
Meadow golf is a type of classic golf that differs with a less cut playing field and with some deviations from the basic rules of the game. Meadow golf courses are currently not certified and playing on it is more considered a way of spending free time.
Meadow golf is played in a tidy meadow, which is also the main basic condition for the creation of a meadow golf course. This is a bit more complicated than classic golf, because the balls are harder to roll and they disappear more often (if you happen to hit a longer grass or a large water obstacle).

Plavu golfa laukums Kalnozoli

Meadow golf course Kalnozoli: