Holiday homes, hot tub, sauna

Holiday homes

We offer two holiday homes:

  • Four people will feel comfortable in the house
  • There is a shower, a toilet, a mini-kitchenette with dishes and equipment
  • Small terrace
  • Fire place
  • Swimming place
One home for rent –
  • Working days (Monday to Thursday) – 60 EUR/day
  • Holidays (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) – 80 EUR/day

hot tub and sauna

We offer to warm your body and relax your mind in our hot tub and sauna. The tub is equipped with water massage and LED lights. A barrel-shaped sauna with a rest room and a spacious sauna room. 4-6 people will feel comfortable in the hot tub or sauna at the same time. A pond, shower, sink, outdoor WC, shed with picnic table, grill are available nearby.

    • Hot tub rental
      • Working days (Sunday to Thursday) – 40 EUR
      • Holidays (Friday, Saturday) – 60 EUR
    • Sauna rental –
      • Working days – 60 EUR
      • Holidays – 80 EUR
    • Tub and sauna set rental –
      • Working days – 80 EUR
      • Holidays – 120 EUR

Rental time for 5 hours